Bad idea: Running a bitcoin faucet the wrong way.

Hello back,

my goal for this post is to show you, how not to run a bitcoin faucet. I tried it but later i will explain what i have done wrong!

What is a bitcoin faucet? It provides you free money for visiting a page full of Ads. Type your bitcoin address, solve a captcha and click a claim button.

Easy going! Grabbed free webspace with a free subdomain, set up faucetinabox provided by faucetbox and put some Ads on this page. 100000 Satoshi is needed to start. Looked for faucet lists to apply for. Activate!

I thought it would be enough profit to refill this faucet.

  • NOT in the first time…
  • NOT after your faucet is a victim of bots…

It thought it makes no difference to use a real TLD or free subdomain.

  • Google AdSense does! Denied from Service.
  • Some other better paying Services too! Denied from Service.
  • No SSL Cert… less “security”.

I thought it would be easy.

  • Try many captcha methods to prevent bots. Doesn’t worked.
  • Tried to script an Anti-Bot system. Doesn’t work.
  • Lowering claims. No one visited it any more, it died.

What i have done wrong?

  • Free Subdomain isn’t able to apply on Google AdWords.
  • Doesn’t earned enough to refill.
  • A free Subdomain is harder to find via Google Search.
  • Used not an own faucet script.
  • Owned too less Bitcoins to start with properly.
  • Doesn’t Geoblock to hold Bots out.
  • Provide a claim under 200 Satoshi which is a magical deadline.

To see how a faucet not should be you can visit it. It is now due no Balance, not claimable! TO FAUCET

What others could do better ?

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