ASIC Bitcoin mining is inefficient!

Hello everyone,

today i will show you, why asic miner are not efficient or in which cases it could be a Solution.

Let’s start with power costs, running a “efficient” device consumes about 1350-2000 watts. Conclusion: You should earn much more in a hour than your costs of electricity.

The best (W/TH<100) available miner i found is AntMiner S9 14TH/s @1350watts for about 2200 USD. An other product is SMART Miner 3.0 Rackmout with 20TH/s@2100W for 4710 USD.  You can use any calculator to see even the 14TH/s variant is barely refinance itself after one year and you don’t have power costs in your calculation. Mostly calculator programmers forgot to use an increasing difficult.

At this moment you would got about 4 Bitcoins after a whole year,24/7 and 14TH/s consuming 1,4kW  -> 12264kW/p.a. by costs of 0,07-0,30 USD p.kW. results in 858,48 – 3679,20 USD p.a. We going ruin ourself. But we can produce this power!

The only case which could be a good requirement for a mining project would be existing solar panels or other renewable energy sources with a house battery. By using power in situations it can’t be used or stored. This could be even better than selling this power to local energy providers.

After using it about a year, you should sell the hardware and buy a new one with much lesser W/TH and higher TH. But your profit would be marginale. It’s like i said,it would barely refinaincing itself. The profit is what you will got on reselling it. I have to lie but it could be 600 USD but only if you have no power costs. Better tactic make some bitcoins and selling the device after 4 months. You should got about 2 bitcoins and have a better price by selling this device, overall it could be 200 USD more than waiting a year.

I have to admit the future bitcoin price is not calculated in. If it doubled after one year, you are definitly on winner side. Else it drops, you will lose money.


  • Independent


  • High costs for buying an asic miner
  • Need “free” energy
  • What if something happend to the device?

This risk and costs more remarks as an investment and not a producing machine.

That’s why i not recommend to give mining a try. Thanks for reading. Next time i will talk about make and owning a bitcoin faucet and what you shouldn’t do!

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    1. Hi, Sure if this link have something to do with ASIC mining. Let me preview this link and how you imagine it should be implemented.

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