Bad ways to earn bitcoins

Hello again,

today i want to let you know, how bitcoins shouldn’t be earned. Not to confused with CAN’T. You CAN’T earn Bitcoins with SCAMS like “DOUBLE BITCOIN IN 5 DAYS”, “Bitcoin hacks” or such a thing.

Very inefficient methods are:

  • Mining with pc hardware: Electricty costs will kill you. buying bitcoins  is much cheaper.
  • Mining with asic miner: Expensive,increasing difficult results in less income per day.
  • Online Casino: They want you as player, let you win a bit and rip you off afterwards. Like every online casino.
  • Click bitcoin faucets with less than 500 satoshi per visit: if you got 500 satoshi per visit equals 4 Sites ~0,01 USD for 2 Minutes bored lifetime limited to availibility of faucets. Sorry, but I want more!
  • “Investments”: Working a few days and running away with your bitcoins/loosing it in a bad trade.

Let me know how do you think about it. What should be on this list too?

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